Complete Laptop Buying Guide [2021]

Complete Laptop Buying Guide 2021 ( Featured Image )

Looking To Buy a New Laptop and Confused to pick one? Then, This Complete Laptop Buying Guide [2021] is for you.

It will walk you through all the details and potentially help you guys in choosing the best laptop that will satisfy your requirements and hopefully staying within your budget.

And as a bonus, I will list all the best and recommended laptops for all the price points ( 50k, 60k, 70k,…) that will be suitable for all use-cases.

What Makes It Tough In Choosing A Laptop?

It doesn’t matter if you are from a Technical (or) Non-Technical background. Buying a New Laptop Could always be a Nightmare for most of the people with so many technicalities involved in it.

And with tons of brands available out there in the market. It’s really tough to choose a particular brand from that long list of available brands.

And besides the brand, we should also consider various things like- Ram, Processor, Performance, Battery, Storage, Graphics, Operating system and Security Features.

On top of all, everything should fit within our Budget.

So, without any further ado. Let’s dive into our main subject here.

The Best And Complete Laptop Buying Guide That Helps You In Choosing The Right Laptop

To make this Laptop Buying Guide more easy to understand. I have split the types of Laptop user’s into three different Categories.

Normal Users

Don’t actually involve in much heavier tasks. Just normal web surfing, video streaming, light Multitasking, Emails, Word etc.

Mediocre Users

Day-to-day tasks, I mean all the stuff that normal users do. Along with that Mediocre level gaming at low to medium Settings, basic video editing and coding stuff.

Power Users

Working Professionals, Content Creators, Heavy Gamers and People Who run high-end softwares like CAD, Photoshop, 3D Rendering and so on….

Everything you see in this Laptop Buying Guide revolves around these three Categories of laptop user’s.

Top Things To Consider Before Buying Any Laptop/Notebook!


If you’re looking for a laptop that needs to be blazing fast. Then, processor is the first thing that you will need to look at in the Specs sheet. The latest the Processor, the better the Performance.

Well, when it comes to choosing the right Processor. We have two industry standard variants here.

One is Intel and the other one is AMD Ryzen. Some people argue Intel is best, while others say it’s AMD.

Keeping comparisons aside, both are really good at what they do. And both have their own set of pros and cons in terms of what they offer.

Both Intel and AMD processors have series of chipsets that comes with different Generations.

For example, Intel various Series Include- Intel i3, Intel i5, Intel i7 and Intel i9 and each series have different Generations like-

Intel i7 10th Generation is more powerful than Intel i7 9th Generation. And similarly,

Intel i7 9th Generation is more powerful than Intel i5 10th Generation.

In the first scenario, we have same series (i7) but different Generations ( 9th and 10th ) with latest one (11th Gen) being more powerful.

Whereas, in second scenario we have different series ( i5 & i7 ). Here generations doesn’t matter. At any given time, i7 is more powerful than i5.

And i9 is more powerful than i7 and so on…

Same Thing Applies For AMD Ryzen Processors

Similar to Intel Processors, we have AMD Processors. And even they come with different series like Ryzen3, Ryzen5, Ryzen7 and Ryzen9.

With more powerful and latest one being the Ryzen9 variant.

And as I said earlier, both Intel and AMD Processors are good at what they do. What makes the difference here is the budget.

Intel based laptops are touch Expensive, when compared to AMD based laptops.

If you have set a higher budget, then go for Intel. Otherwise the other.

For Normal and Mediocre Users, Intel ( i5 & i7 ) series complementing with ( 9th, 10th and 11th ) Generation will be a Great option.

In AMD Processors, Better go with Ryzen5 and Ryzen7 variants. ( Normal & Mediocre Users )

Intel i9 ( 10th and 11th ) Generation | Ryzen9 variant can be optimal options for Power Users.

However if portability is not your main concern. Then, I would recommend Power Users to actually build their own Workstations.

Storage And Memory

Another major thing to consider before buying a laptop is Storage and Memory Capacity.

Again, we have two variants here. HDD and SSD.

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. Usually much cheaper and slower than SSD.

If your major concern is only Storage Space and doesn’t care about Speed Rates. Then, HDD does the Perfect job for your use-case.

Whereas, SSD ( Solid State Drive ) is very much Expensive and performs at Blazing Fast when compared to HDD.

For example, if you get 1TB HDD for Rs.5000. Then, you get only 128GB SSD for the same price range.

SSD is all about Performance. I mean it provides good speed rates in transferring files.

And also plays a huge role in Booting up the system quickly. If Speed is your major Concern then, better go with SSD.

What If You Need Both Speed And Storage Space

There is a special variant called SSHD ( Solid State Hybrid Drive ). Which we usually see in modern day Laptops.

I mean, it’s a combination of both SSD + HDD. A typical SSHD Variant Laptop looks like, ( 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD ).

If you want a balance in terms of both Storage and Speed. Then, this could undoubtedly be the go to option for you.


Technically, Ram is nothing but Random Access Memory.

Non-Technically speaking, it is responsible for quickly opening up of Files, Apps, Softwares and Multitasking activities.

Ram can make a huge impact on overall performance of any Laptop. So, it’s always better to choose the latest Ram version possible. I.e.; DDR4 and DDR5 ( latest )

Speaking about Ram, it comes in various levels. Like- 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

For Normal users, whose usage is minimal. 4GB could be more than enough for them.

For Medicore Users, 8GB will be fine. However you can go for 16GB Variant as well depending upon your preference and considering the work load.

32GB is go to choice for Power Users like Intense Gamers, Powerful Content Creators and High-end Working Professionals.

I would personally recommend Power Users to set-up their own Workstations. If portability is not your area of concern.


Graphics are must, if you’re a heavy Intensive user and does tasks like- Heavy Gaming, 3D Rendering and run Graphic oriented softwares.

Again when it comes to Graphics, we have two options here. Integrated Graphics and Dedicated Graphics.

Well, firstly let me explain you guys. What are Integrated and Dedicated Graphics?

Differences Between Integrated and Dedicated Graphics

Integrated Graphics are nothing but, a Graphic card that comes in built with the processor and mostly cannot be replaced (or) Upgraded.

Whereas, Dedicated Graphics is a standalone Graphic card that comes with its own Ram and has the option of replacing (or) Upgrading.

Do Graphic Cards Really Matter?

Well, if you’re just a normal user and do use  your system for simple tasks like- Surfing Internet, Watching Movies, Multitasking and School/College works. Then, Integrated Graphics is enough for you.

It’s not like, you can’t run heavy tasks on Integrated Graphics. You can run, but it consumes more Ram which might lead to some Performance issues.

When it comes to Gaming Performance it’s average. You can run High end games on low to medium level Settings.

But this is not the case with Dedicated Graphics. They come with their own Ram.

So, whenever you run heavy tasks like- 4k Video Editing, 3D Rendering and particularly for Gaming. Dedicated Graphics are must.

Because they don’t consume your main system Ram, instead they make use of their own Ram. Which is the reason why, you will notice better performance.

The only downside with Dedicated Graphics is- it consumes more battery, as it Produces more heat and requires additional cooling system to control it.

Nvidia vs AMD

Again when it comes to Dedicated Graphics. We have two options here- Nvidia and AMD.

Keeping the competition and all the comparisons aside. Both Nvidia and AMD produces Terrific Performance with any task you throw at them.

Yes, you can find some instances where, Nvidia Graphics getting on top of AMD. But, definitely not much of a difference.

The only thing that makes the difference here is the Budget. Nvidia Graphics are way more expensive than AMD Graphics.

So, I can only say you guys one thing. If you’re high on budget go for Nvidia. Otherwise, AMD.


I will tell you one fact about Laptop Batteries. It doesn’t matter how big the brand and how big the capacity is, you will not get battery backup for more than 5-7 hours on any laptop. Unless, its a Mac.

So don’t ever expect more than that from any brand. At least, with currently available ones in the market.

However, I would recommend you guys to get a laptop that has a battery capacity about 50Wh – 65Wh.

And if it is a Gaming Laptop then, don’t even expect Battery backup. Just plug and use.

If your main focus is Gaming then, buy a Gaming Laptop. Because they are exclusively made for that. Never buy Normal laptop for Gaming purpose and vice-versa.

The reason why I am mentioning this is, because Gaming Laptops heats up very quickly and also consumes more battery than a Normal one.

And one more thing to keep in mind here is that, Gaming Laptops Weighs much heavier than a Normal Laptop.


It doesn’t matter how good the other specs are, if the Quality of your Display actually sucks. Because a bad Display can just ruin the overall visual experience of any user.

So, it is always a top priority to consider, when you’re buying a New Laptop.

I would highly recommend to go with a Matte Display as they are less reflective. I mean, you get great Viewing angles even if you use your laptop Outdoors, most of the times.

Also, check for the Rated Brightness in the Specs sheet. The higher the better. However, the optimal mark would be somewhere around 300nits – 350nits.

And when it comes to Display Size, it’s always a personal preference.

In General, 13 Inches and 14 Inches is what you see the most in 2-in-1 laptops. Whereas, 15 Inches is the most obvious pick for Normal Laptops.

Operating System

Again, when it comes to the Operating System it is always up to the user which one to pick depending on their Requirement and Preference.

All I can say is,

Windows Operating system is good for Customization and offers More Flexibility.

Mac OS is all about Security, Optimization and Lag Free Performance.


With so many brands available out there in the market, choosing the right brand that compliments your needs and fits the Budget would always be a tough task.

To be Frank, I can’t say which is the best. But, what I can tell you is that, Which Brand is good at What?

Dell & HP

Two heavy weights and most popular options for most of the users.

Both are known for their Premium Build Quality, Heavy usage and also has Huge number of Service Centers all over the World.

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Apple (Mac)

Premium, Optimization, Performance and Security. ( Cost Factor- Expensive )

Lenovo | Acer | Asus

Best options for Budget Friendly & Gaming Laptops, Which usually comes with Good Specs.

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Other Features To Consider Before Buying Any Laptop

  • Always, look for a Backlight keyboard enabled laptop. So that it will make your job easy to type better even in low light / no light conditions.
  • Finger print scanner for better Security.
  • Upgradability Option ( Ram )
  • Thunderbolt Option
  • Ethernet Port
  • HDMI Port
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity Feature
  • Cooling Pads / Better Cooling Mechanism. If it’s a Gaming Laptop.


I hope this Complete Laptop Buying Guide (2021), have cleared all your Technical Doubts that may arise, when buying a new laptop.

And as, I have mentioned at the beginning of this article. You can find the list of all the best and recommended laptops for all the price points ( 50k, 60k, 70k,…) that will be suitable for all use-cases.

Find all the Recommended Laptops List here.

Make sure you make a note of this Recommendation list link in Word (or) Notepad (or) whichever app you feel comfortable with.

Because, this list will be Ever updating with Newly coming laptops and can act as a good reference guide. When you are purchasing a new laptop.

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